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Old Marathi Actor | Producer & Director Dada Kondke Photos | Images | Wallpapers

   Krishna Kondke (August eight, 1932 - March fourteen, 1998), popularly referred to as Dada Kondke, was a Sanskritic language actor and filmmaker. He was one amongst the foremost far-famed personalities in Sanskritic language movie industry, renowned for his ambiguity dialogs in movies.
   Dada Kondke was born in a very mill-worker's family in Naigaon in central Mumbai on Gokulashtami day and therefore was named Krishna. Dada Kondke was entered within the Guinness Book of World Records for the very best variety of films (nine) that achieved jubilee (running for twenty five consecutive weeks). Krishna Kondke was known as "Dada", Associate in Nursing honorific Sanskritic language term that means "elder brother", that crystal rectifier to his common name Dada Kondke.

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